Cheese tasting Amsterdam

Going out with friends? Try a cheese tasting in Amsterdam!

Are you staying in Amsterdam with friends for the weekend or for a holiday and do you want to do something fun? Ever thought of a cheese tasting? A cheese tasting in Amsterdam is the perfect mix between having a drink with bites, chatting with friends and learning something about the history and existence of cheese. During the cheese tasting in Amsterdam at Old Amsterdam you will taste different wine-cheese combinations, they will explain how the cheeses are made and  – above all – it is very nice and fun to do this with your friends.

Cheese tasting in Amsterdam

Are you in Amsterdam with friends but do you want to do something different than your regular drinks in a bar, dinner at a restaurant or playing pool? Your answer is: a cheese tasting. In Amsterdam you can book a cheese tasting in the centre of the city. Because you’re in the middle of the centre, there are a lot of other activities you can do when the cheese tasting is over. De cheese tasting in Amsterdam is a special and super fun experience. A real cheese expert will teach you how they  make different cheeses, which cheese-wine combinations suit your taste and of course there is a lot of room for chatting with your friends.

Wine-cheese combinations

Which wine suits which dish? In a lot of restaurants you can choose a wine arrangement. The chefs and sommelier know exactly which wine goes well with which dish. At the cheese tasting in Amsterdam you will learn which wines suit the different kinds of cheese. To neutralize the taste, the cheese tasting will be served with fig bread and grapes. During the cheese tasting in Amsterdam there are cheese-wine combinations which are set together by a sommelier. Because of this, you can experience how a good wine can give the cheese more flavour or make the flavour of the cheese even better. Also, together with your friends you can discover what you do and do not like when it comes to cheese. And that’s good to know for a next date with friends!

Old Amsterdam Cheese tasting

The cheese tasting in Amsterdam is a unique experience. During this cheese tasting, which will take about an hour, the experts will tell you everything about the taste of cheese. Which flavours, herbs and texture do you recognize? You will learn how to name the differences between different cheeses, how the cheese is made and you will learn everything about the wine-cheese combinations. The experts will tell you about the history of the Westland family and you will learn the secret behind the only real Old Amsterdam cheese. The cheese tasting in Amsterdam will be held in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store at the Damrak in Amsterdam. Mind this! There is only access to the location by stairs. More information? Click here.

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