As a biotech company one needs good equipment and great reagents to create beautiful results. GC Biotech provides these tools. As a distributor we sell many cutting edge machines and accessories for quality research and quality control. You don’t want to waste precious samples and hard work because of faulty equipment or poor or unreadable devices. That’s why GC Biotech provides only the best automation systems such as liquid handling robots, which can be customized for processes and other useful applications.

We distribute for example a lot of Bioline products. This company has been a partner of ours for many years and made many of our customers happy with their great products used in the genomic field. They are globally recognized to deliver top notch reagents, nucleotides and PCR products for quantification of DNA methylation. Many researchers use these kits to detect gene expressions, protein interactions and post-synthetically changes to DNA structures. Also RNA and ncRNA can be researched with the Bioline accessories that GC Biotech provides.

Analytical technologies

Besides analytical techniques mentioned above there is another company that GC Biotech sells items of. CleanNA is a global operating organization. It’s main focus is in supplying very highe quality kits to do experiments for genetic studies. A core product is the magnetic bead based kit which is in itself very cost effective and gives opportunities for efficient gene analysis. Combined with scientific and technological knowhow, skill and dedication a new ideal solution came to fruition for life science applications. The magnetic bead technology that GC Biotech has te offer as a professional biotech company delivers a very solid nucleic acid purification system. It is widely used for cleaning up PCR and other sequencing products. Examples of these are Sanger sequencing and Next Gen Sequencing. So if you would like to isolate specific DNA or RNA you should use CleanNA’s magnetic bead based solutions which is offered by GC Biotech company. Interested in applying for a link with regards to business services? Check out the website!

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